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Young @ Heart

Open to any local over-sixties (approx!) who want to remain very young at heart!

Our Programme and Aims

Please find information below on the Young @ Heart Group

Ever Wider Circle of Friends
Alternate Tuesdays 10:30am
St Tidas Parish Hall

Meet some old pals again and also make brand-new friends that you never thought were there.
Our Young at Heart social activities are always fuelled with unlimited hot tea and coffee, backed up with sensible scones scones and mouth-watering cakes!
Our easy-going social interaction fires the neurons of our brains in ever wider fields - even during a simple chat!
Come along just as soon as you can. We would value your company in our unique, low-budget, continous programme of activities and outings.

Programme of Events
A wide choice of experiences and venues to visit
Click on the button to download

The Young @ Heart Group have regular outings, with a good range of activities and events to cater for everyone.

Our latest programme is now available to download using the link below. or join us on Facebook

Please contact us if you would like to join any of the sessions listed or have any ideas for future activities.

Staying Connected
Alternate Tuesdays 10:30am
St Tidas Parish Hall

Its all too easy for older people to unconciously slow-down their social activity spectrum.
In extreme circumstances this will lead to actual withdrawal from the world around us.
The inevitable results are the accelerated impairment of physical and mental functions.
Young at Heart activities are designed to give a positive sense of purpose for each individual through their structured activities and events programme.
Members accomplish some amazing goals and bathe in a new sense of community.

Come along, join in
get involved

Regular social activity inspires people to personally flourish - whether it is by taking part in new and indeed sometimes strange craft skill training in the hall or an arranged bus trip to an outside interest!

Each new step achieved motivates beyond measure because of the excitement of the mental stimulation and the residual benefit of enhanced self confidence.

Tangible Health Benefits
Great Cardio-Vascular events,
reduce arthritis and depression

Stopping or, at least, seriously slowing the ageing process often comes with getting out of the house, away from the sink, the television or even the un-relenting garden!
The effects of actively socialising in broad daylight has an amazing influence in decision making and generally maintaining one's own integrity.
Each of us in turn has the real capacity to instil a thrilling sense of value in our fellow members - which ultimately leads to healthy living at its absolute best.

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