Ballyscullion Parish Church

St Tida's Church of Ireland - Bellaghy


“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”   


About Us


Our Church Building

The Christian ministry of the old Celtic Church was first promoted by a monk called Thaddeus (Tida) who lived in the era of Saint Patrick on what is known as Church Island - described elsewhere in this web-site. A new church was built in the village of Bellaghy in c1621. It was constructed of brick and lime with windows of timber and a wooden spire, rooved with shingles.

In 1641 and again in 1741 the original church was burned down in an arson attack. There may have been a gap before the present church was built c1788 with a square tower. In 1792 the Earl Bishop of Derry sponsored a stone spire to be built atop the tower. It rises symmetrically to 120 feet. The main church was roofed using shingles, these being replaced with Bangor Blue slates sometime in the mid 1800's.

The building is 'listed' as being of important architectural and historic interest and is large enough to accomodate some 300 persons. Approximately 50 of these can be seated in the gallery which can be accessed via the rather narrow staircase in the tower.

A lot of damage (some of which which can still be seen) was caused to the church by the local IRA volunteers in their 20th-century terrorist war. St Tida's internal walls also support many other visual and intensely interesting memories of its turbulent history but despite this there in a palpable air of quiet grace. This is a great place for you to enjoy a quiet contemplatory visit.

Our Mission

In our little church we teach only the old-fashioned, unadulterated faith of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. This ancient, yet always modern message of salvation through Jesus Christ and a simple dedication to the living Word of God has been practiced at our church in Bellaghy for nearly 400 years. And previously for 1,100 years since St. Tida's time when he conducted his ministry at the original old church on Lough Beg's Church Island.

We have been a reformed church since the 'Reformation'.  It is our privilege and duty to show you a sample of what we are still about in Bellaghy today!

Our Music

This church tries very hard with a dedicated group of choir members to provide a superior musical support to each act of worship. Our organist provides a truly professional musical experience which has to be witnessed to be believed!

The church invested in a Johannus digital organ. The superior sound over the previous organ, coupled with the original 'olde worlde' interior of this ancient and historically-significant church, gives a true feeling of warmth and depth not found in any new building.

It would not be unusual to hear the works of some of the greatest classical composers that ever lived emanating from this organ at a Sunday service in this church. The strains of Handel's 'Messiah' are a common Christmas theme here.

Ask for a free complimentary (CD) recording of one of our services - E-mail address below.

You are welcome

You should plan to attend your church regularly. If you support no other then we particularly invite you to pay us a Sunday morning visit. It is only the constancy of faithful Christians which maintains the established timelessness of St Tida's as a centre of excellence in Ballyscullion.


We always appreciate your e-mails and letters coming in from wherever you are in the world and hope that one day you and your friends can come to visit this place in person. Many of you have already made the trek! You are assured of a great welcome from us in Bellaghy.

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