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The Graveyard at St. Tida's

Early 1700's

The graveyard adjacent to St. Tida's Church has been in use at least as far back as the early 1700's according to our records. It is the graveyard used predominately, but not exclusively, by the local protestant community. Originally these would all have been St Tida's church members. Then other denominations such as the Presbyterians, the Baptists, etc. became locally established. These people who would have had some links with St. Tida's, would have been able consequently to purchase family and single plots. This practice continued until recently when the available space has been almost completely exhausted.

Downing Vault

There is an interestingly inscribed vault formerly used by the Downing family, located near the pathway to the church.

World History is here

There are gravestones and memorials here which relate to:

  • - the Battle of the Boyne
  • - the Siege of Derry
  • - the Slaughter at the Somme
  • - the Gallipoli campaign
  • - the sea-battle of Trafalgar
  • - the Evacuation of Dunkirk
  • - the Victims fallen during the troubles at the hands of IRA terrorism
  • - all the 'four quarters of the globe'


Visitors are welcome to look around the graveyard at any time - Just remember to maintain the normal codes of conduct and decorum whilst therein.

Video Tour

Please have a look at two short (amateur) video tours of the graveyard:

Graveyard visit - part 1
Graveyard visit - part 2

**No Burials or work of any kind whatsoever to monuments or grave surrounds is permitted without prior consent of the
Parish Vestry**